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Zombie Apocalypse

Fetal Position

People wearing cowboy hats indoors has always seemed a little odd to me, which inspired the following ditty.

This video was inspired by the idea that the January 6th riot was a planned insurrection, most of which participants were probably gun owners, but who didn't bring their guns.

Every few years I had the idea that I wanted to try stand-up comedy, but I got nervous in front of groups of people. I finally decided that I'd just make an album without an audience. Later I began learning to get comfortable in front of an audience, practicing at a nursing home. The first time didn't go very well, and I realized afterward that I could use any topic to get comfortable speaking in front of groups of people; so I made a speech about my book, "Seek Wisdom, Practice Kindness". I had just finished working on it when Covid-19 hit.

Camera Shy -Track 1

Camera Shy -Track 2

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Camera Shy -Track 12

This one I made for fun back in 2016 or so.

Justice for Custiss